MICHAEL: And then he made a rope out of–I don’t even know what all, like the bed sheets and his winter coat–and knotted them together and then cut the screen on the window to ribbons, when one big cut would have done just as well, and shoved the rope out, and then Bob Fower said, “I don’t think there’s any way this is a hot idea”, and Jake said, “Bob Fowler, you’d do the same in my shoes”, and then swear to God he hitched himself around that sucker and hung on for sweet life and started heading down, and halfway to the roof on the car park it gave out and he shot down all the way to the ground and–I don’t know–bust his ankle, and then he started stumping away as fast he could to his van, and then we hear Jenny coming down the hallway saying, “Here I come, Jake, and you’d better have a good explanation for what’s in the kitchen.”

MATT: What’d you do?